We will normally invite you for an interview/group assessment within 4 weeks of receiving your application. You should then be notified about the outcome within 4 weeks of of the interview. In some cases, our decision may take slightly longer, for example if we have to discuss your application with external agencies (where your course involves a placement).

If you are unable to attend for the first interview/group assessment date provided, then this may increase the length of time you have to wait for a decision on your application to be made.

There are several types of offers – Conditional, Unconditional, Reserve List Conditional and Reserve List Unconditional (explanations of these are on “My application status has changed but I don’t know what it means” pages). When you receive an offer, the status of your application will change to show this and the Accept Offer and Reject Offer links will show on the Online Applications Home Page.

You must reply to an Offer as soon as possible, either by accepting it or rejecting it (see below).

Follow the link in the email we have sent you or log into your account on your Online Applications Home Page you will see the Accept Offer and Reject Offer options next to the course(s) for which an offer has been made to you. To accept, click on Accept Offer. To reject, click on Reject Offer.

Please note that once you reject an offer the application and offer are cancelled for this course and you will have to contact us if you change your mind. An offer can only be re-instated if there are still places available on the course.

You can accept as many Conditional Offers as you like – this will not affect the status of your other applications.

You can only accept ONE unconditional Offer. Once you ACCEPT an Unconditional offer, any other full-time applications you have will be CANCELLED and removed from the system. If you have applied for other courses and do not yet know the outcome of these applications, you may wish to wait until you hear about these other courses. If you are happy to ACCEPT this offer and cancel the other applications, please select YES. If you want to wait until the result of any other applications are known, then please select NO and make your decision once you have the outcome of all applications.

The course is full and we cannot offer you a place at this time. You have been placed on the reserve/waiting list. If a place becomes available for your chosen course, we will change your offer to conditional or unconditional offer.

Once you accept your offer of a place, your place on the course has been reserved for you.


Full-time students

All students studying full-time should apply for funding. Students studying full time at HNC/D or degree level should apply to http://www.saas.gov.uk for your student loan/bursary.

Students studying full-time at non-advanced level should apply for a Dundee and Angus College Bursary/EMA. This is accessed from the funding tabs on your Online Applications Home Page.


Students who require assistance with childcare etc. should also apply for this from the funding tabs on the Online Applications Home Page.

Funding applications

Funding applications will open in May. Should you require assistance completing your funding application please contact our Student Services Team on 0300 123 1010.


We will contact you from early July onwards to inform you about Registration and Induction.

We will send you a link to complete Onboarding, this where you will complete registration and view your induction and timetable information. At this time, we will ask you to upload a photograph for your College ID Card.

After you register you will have a college network account and be able to access MyD&A from August which is our student portal where you can find out details about your course.


We will invite you in to college to meet other students on your course before it begins and tell you more about the course and the facilities in college (Help Points, Library, Learning Hubs, Student Association etc.)

We send everything by email and/or text.

We will use the email address you have provided within your application, please therefore ensure you check your messages regularly.

If any of your details change, particularly your email address or mobile number please log into your Online Application Account and update the required details via the “Personal Details” tab.

If you have not received communication from us within 4 weeks, please contact us on 0300 123 1010 or heretohelp@dundeeandangus.ac.uk (remember to put your name and course title on the email so we know who you are)