Please note: you cannot receive help from both the Childcare Fund and the Housing Support Fund.

Dundee and Angus College is committed to providing childcare support and has designated Childcare Advisers who will assist students to arrange suitable childcare and funding while studying at College.

What is the Childcare Fund

  • This is a Discretionary fund that the Scottish Government has provided to help students with childcare costs while studying
  • Funds are limited and are allocated to applicants starting in September and January
  • Childcare Funding is awarded for timetabled hours in College and any arrangements made out with timetabled hours will be between the parent and the childcare provider.
  • Applications received after 12th October 2020 are subject to funds still being available and may not be backdated to the start of the academic year.
  • The college can only consider childcare providers who are registered with the Care Inspectorate.

The College will not pay any childcare costs for students who have partners who are currently unemployed and at home.

  • Fully Funded Students
  • Students who are lone parents on income support/universal credit
  • Part-time students registered on the college Fee-Waiver Scheme attending vocational day classes who are in receipt of state benefits
  • Students must be in receipt of child benefit or child tax credits for the child.
  • Financial assistance is normally available for children up to the age of fourteen.
  • Full-time students who meet residency eligibility*

*for information on eligibility please refer to Student Awards Agency for Scotland ( and Scottish Funding Council ( or speak to one of our Dundee and Angus College Advisors on Dundee 01382 834884 or Arbroath 01241 432752.

The amount of childcare you will be awarded will depend upon how much your household income is and the weekly cost of your childcare.

If you are working and wish to continue to work while at College and receive help with childcare care cost through the Childcare Element and Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit. This will also be taken into consideration when assessing the childcare funding award from the College.

You will be provided with an award letter together with student’s terms and conditions If your award is less than your childcare provider’s full fees then it will be your responsibility to pay the difference.

If you are studying in the Arbroath campus and your child is aged between 2 ½ and 5 years you may apply for a place at our college nursery. Application forms for Angus Campus Helping Hands Nursery are available on the College website: or from the Arbroath Advice Centre 01241 432604 or email

What Is It

Lone Parent Childcare Grant Element – If you are a single parent you will receive a grant of up to £1215 towards your childcare costs if you have registered childcare costs. This allowance will not be paid to yourself as it will be included into your childcare award Full time FE and HNC/D students and FE Part time students can apply. Satisfactory evidence of being a Lone Parent and having registered childcare costs will be required.

Lone Parent Grant

If you receive an unconditional or conditional place at Dundee and Angus College and applying for SAAS Funding. Lone Parents should also receive a non-repayable supplementary grant. Please check the SAAS website for further details.

Childcare Funding Application

Make sure your online Childcare Application for session 2020/21 has been finalised before the start date of your course. Otherwise, your childcare payments will be delayed and you may have to meet the childcare provider’s fees until your childcare funding from the College has been awarded.

Childcare/Housing Funding

Students cannot access both Childcare and Housing Funds, to find out what funds are best for you, please contact the Guidance team on 01382 834884 or 01241 432743

Full-time Students

Up to 100% of the full cost of childcare, up to a maximum of £120 per week for 1 child and £180 per week for 2 or more children will be met by the college when the child is being looked after by a registered carer.

Gross IncomeCollege Contribution
1 Child2 or more children
A coupleLone parentA coupleLone parent
£20,000 or below£120.00£150.00*£180.00 £210.00*
£20,001 - £23,000£100 £0.00£140£0.00
£23,001 - £25,000 £75£0.00£105 £0.00
£25,001 - £30,000£37.50£0.00£ 52.50 £0.00
Over £30,000£0.00£0.00£0.00£0.00

*This includes the Lone Parent Childcare Element


Gross income is £17,998, if the childcare costs for one child is £160 per week, then the college contribution is £120 (max) per week for a couple and £150 (max) for a lone parent.

Part-time Students

Up to 100% of the full cost of childcare for one child up to a maximum of £80.00 per week for one child and £110 per week for 2 or more children will be met by the college when the child is being looked after by a registered carer (e.g. Nursery/Registered Childminder).

Gross IncomeCollege Contribution
1 child2 or more children
£20,000 or below£80£110
£20,001- £23,000 £60 £82.50
£23,001- £25,000
£40 £55
£25,001-£30,000 £20 £27.50
£30,001 +

**Please note the above figures may change due to 2020/21 College allocation of Funds from the Scottish Government

If you wish to discuss funding further contact the Childcare Advisors at Dundee 01382 834871 or Arbroath 01241 432743

How is it Paid

If your application is successful, the funding will be paid directly to the childcare provider fortnightly in arrears provided the childcare provider forms and invoices have been submitted by the provider.

College Holidays

The College will pay a 50% retainer to childcare providers during College holidays and students will be required to cover the remaining childcare costs.

College Holidays
Monday 12th October, 2020 to Friday 16th October 2020
Thursday 24th December 2020 to Wednesday 6th January 2021
Monday 5th April 2021 to Friday 16th April 2021

Holidays taken out with the normal College holiday periods will be treated as a normal absence. Therefore, we will not make any payment for that period. It will be your responsibility to meet this cost.

What is not covered?

There will be no payments for deposits, registration, annual joining fees or induction days. Furthermore, out-of-school clubs will not be paid during college holiday weeks. If you have any concerns please discuss them with the Childcare Advisor.

Changes in Circumstances

Any changes to your circumstances after the submission of your application must be made in writing e.g. Change of income, timetable, childcare provider, hours of care, holiday periods, etc.

Notice Period to Childcare Provider

It is the student’s responsibility to provide notice of termination to the childcare provider. The student will be liable for any cost due by not providing the appropriate period of notice.


Attendance will be monitored throughout the academic year and if your attendance becomes unsatisfactory (below 100%) at any one time, childcare funding will stop and you will be liable to pay full childcare costs. If you have been absent for a period approaching 4 weeks, your funding will automatically be suspended until such time you have returned to your studies.

Disclaimer – Students who are eligible for support from funds are not automatically entitled to the support. All funds are cash limited, so it is essential that students apply as early as possible for their funding. Please note all Childcare Funding information is subject to change.