Please note: you cannot receive help from both the Childcare Fund and the Housing Support Fund.

What is it?

This is a discretionary fund the college has provided so you can apply for help towards the cost of your housing and is dependent upon the level of funding the college receives.

  • Funds are limited and are allocated to applicants starting in August and January. This is a cash limited fund and once all funds are allocated applications may be closed.

Full-time students who meet residency eligibility*.

  • The amount of assistance with housing you will be awarded will depend upon how much your household income is (see scales as below).
  • We will only pay housing costs for students with a valid tenancy agreement or mortgage statement, which must include the students name as a liable person (sole/joint tenant/owner).
  • We are unable to assist students living in the parental home, residing with family members or renting from a family member.
  • Lone Parents and students who receive Housing Benefit or Housing Element from Universal Credit are not entitled to receive help from the Housing Fund.

Please note: If you are below the age of 21 and on a Further Education (FE) non-advanced course* or a lone parent or living with a partner with children on a low income or disabled, then you are within a small group of students who can still claim housing benefit or housing costs element of Universal Credit. You must first claim housing benefit from the Local Authority and only if refused housing benefit or housing costs element of Universal Credit, and provide evidence, then the College may consider you for assistance.

Advanced – HNC/HND Full-Time Students

Please note that to receive any financial assistance with your housing costs from Dundee and Angus College you must have applied for the maximum support (including full loan) from the SAAS.

Your online housing application cannot be finalised until your Bursary/SAAS application has been decided. The amount of housing support you will be awarded will depend on your household income. This will be taken from the documentation you provide with your online application.

Gross Income
College Contribution for FE
(Students on Further Education
non-advanced courses)
College Contribution for HE
(Students on Higher Education
advanced courses)
Maximum Weekly Allowance
Maximum Weekly Allowance
£12,500 or
£45.00 £45.00
£12,501 -
£40.00 £40.00
£15,001 -
£35.00 £35.00
£17,001 -
£30.00 £30.00
Over £20,000 £0.00 £0.00

**Please note the above figures may change due to 2021/22 College allocation of Funds from the Scottish Government

If you are below 25 at the start of your course then your total household income is taken into account, including; parental income and your income, unless you are self-supporting.

Your parental income is required if you, the student, are below 25, unless you:

  • Have no living parents / Permanent estrangement from your parents, or
  • Are married or living in an established relationship (showing both names on Council Tax, etc.)* or,
  • Are caring for a child dependent on you, or
  • Have supported yourself for 3 years or a minimum period of 36 months outside of education (P60 certificates for any 3 years OR Letter from HMRC confirming pay details for any 3 years OR letter from DWP confirming benefits received for any 3 years OR a copy of your formal rent agreement for any 3 years. Income from employment must be at least £3010.80 for each year)

Please note: you cannot receive help from both the Childcare Fund and the Housing Support Fund.

Housing costs are paid to you subject to satisfactory attendance. It is paid to you fortnightly in arrears directly into your bank account.

Once the assessment has been done you will be provided with an award email.


Holidays taken out with the normal College holiday periods will be treated as a normal absence.


For any absences you should continue to submit online self-certificates of absence within five days counting from the first day of your absence. Attendance will be monitored throughout the academic year and if your attendance becomes unsatisfactory (below 100%) at any one time your housing payment will be cancelled by the automatic system.

Long Term Absence

If you have been absent for a period approaching 4 weeks, your funding will automatically be suspended until such time as you have returned to your studies, achieved a sustained period of attendance and completed all outstanding work.

You must submit your online housing application fully completed before 11th October 2021. If you fail to submit your application by this deadline you may not receive any backdated funding. You must also have enrolled and attended your course before payment is made.

Disclaimer – Students who are eligible for support from funds are not automatically entitled to the support. All funds are cash limited, so it is essential that students apply as early as possible for their funding. Please note all Housing Funding information is subject to change.