Smart Travel

You are not automatically included in the Smart Travel scheme. To opt into the Smart Travel scheme please go to the reception desk at your College campus.

Opting into our Smart Travel scheme will mean your travel allowance will be added to your student card in the form of a Smart Ticket to use on various Stagecoach/Xplore routes within your allocated travel zone, all day every day and not just for your journeys to/from College.

If you are eligible for travel allowance your local address must be more than 2 miles from your main campus of study.

If Smart Travel is not available in your area you will be assessed for the equivalent journey. This may be a comparable journey by public transport or mileage allowance but your travel will be capped to the maximum Smart Travel payable by the College.

Any changes to the Smart Travel service offered will be notified to you by letter.

Travel paid as a cash allowance will be capped to the maximum Smart Travel rate for your route and will be subject to weekly attendance checks.

  • Smart Travel will be paid in the form of an unlimited travel pass for NX and/or Stagecoach buses during term time added to a student matriculation card.
  • No cash amount will be paid for travel.
  • Your travel pass will be terminated if for any reason you leave the course before the official end date or if your attendance reaches a level that is not acceptable
  • If your card is lost/stolen, you should report it immediately to the Campus Help Point.  A temporary pass will be issued to allow you to travel until your new College Card arrives. There is a £5 change when ordering a new card.
  • If you have any problems using your pass on the bus, you should report it to the Campus Help Point or email to allow them to investigate as soon as possible
  • No personal data, other than your name and card number will be passed to the transport companies.  This data will be used if you have a problem using your Pass on board the bus and for invoicing purposes only
  • You may be asked to complete a short survey about your experiences using Smart Travel.